CENTA took its place at ELEVEX 2024 Konya Elevator and Technologies Fair


2024’s most important elevator meeting, ELEVEX Konya Elevator and Technologies Fair was held at TÜYAP Konya International Fair Center between May 22-25. Despite being held for the first time, the fair, which hosted more than 200 exhibitors at the international level and more than 20,000 domestic and foreign visitors, became one of the largest meeting platforms of the elevator industry. As CENTA, we were proud to take part in this prestigious event.

ELEVEX 2024 Elevator Fair: Innovations and Technological Developments

At the ELEVEX 2024 Exhibition, all innovations related to vertical transportation technologies and escalators and roads were exhibited, from residential and commercial building elevators to hospital elevators, from domestic elevators and personal carriers to auto elevators, from freight and service elevators to disabled elevators. As CENTA, we were one of the most remarkable exhibitors of the fair with our advanced products.

CENTA’s Advanced Technology Products

CENTA continues to offer innovative solutions in elevator safety with door sensors and overload systems. Our door sensors ensure doors close safely by using advanced photoelectric technology to detect obstacles. This increases the operational efficiency of elevators while ensuring passenger safety at all levels. Similarly, our overload systems precisely monitor the weight inside the elevator car, preventing operation until the load is reduced to safe levels.

Our Featured Products at the Elevator Fair

Among the products we exhibited at ELEVEX 2024, our new-generation door sensors and overload systems attracted great interest. Our door sensors increase passenger safety by preventing the doors from closing when any obstacle is detected. Our overload systems ensure safe operation of the elevator cabin and prevent mechanical failures. These advanced sensors redefine safety standards in the industry.

What Happened at CENTA Booth at ELEVEX 2024?

At the CENTA Elevator booth, we welcomed many local and foreign visitors throughout the fair. By promoting our products, we showcased our innovative solutions in the industry. The new collaborations we achieved at the fair and the connections we established with potential customers took important steps for CENTA’s future growth and development.

CENTA Difference in Elevator Safety

At CENTA, we continuously focus on developing innovative solutions to maintain our leading position in elevator safety technologies. With our door sensors and overload systems, we increase the reliability of elevator operations, reduce maintenance costs and improve the overall user experience by prioritizing passenger safety.

Rising Star of the Elevator Industry Konya

Konya has become an important center of Turkey’s elevator industry. Approximately 40% of the sector’s production and exports come from Konya, while the city’s elevator exports have increased by 25% in the last year. In this context, Konya’s elevator manufacturers have gained worldwide competitiveness thanks to their high quality standards and innovative technologies. Konya Elevator and Technologies Fair stood out as a platform that further reinforced this success.

Discover CENTA Products for Comprehensive Protection

Raise your building’s safety standards by integrating CENTA’s state-of-the-art safety sensors. For more information on our leading solutions in elevator safety, check out our products on our website or contact our customer service team. Elevators equipped with CENTA’s safety sensors not only comply with the highest safety standards, but also lead the industry in terms of operational efficiency and user satisfaction.

Taking part in the ELEVEX 2024 Exhibition was another source of pride and success for CENTA. We look forward to meeting you, our valued customers and business partners, at future events.