What Is Door Detector / Door Sensor?

Door detectors are devices that are used in commercial or residential elevators to detect passengers or objects at the entrance and prevent doors from closing. These door detectors are primarily used to improve accessibility. In the event of an individual or object blocking the doorway, the sensors detect the obstruction and prompt the door to remain open until the obstacle clears out. Special LED sensors in the detectors indicate door movement for added functionality.

How Our Door Detectors Revolutionize Elevators Security

Since its establishment, CENTA Elevator has been focusing on elevator door detectors and is a pioneer in door detector technology in Turkiye. Therefore, our quality and attention to detail when it comes to our products is unmatched. We offer 6 different elevator door detectors to meet our customers’ diverse needs.
While each of these products serves the same purpose, that being elevator door detectors, their uses and features are all different. You can choose whichever suits you best, and we guarantee all of their quality.


Choosing the Right Door Detector To Buy

For more exclusive information about our elevator door detector models, all our models have different numbers of LEDs to serve the different requests of our customers:

  • Our DT45 model has 45 LED sensors and meets EN 81-70, EN 81-20, and A3 standards.
  • Our DT42 model comes equipped with 42 LED sensors and satisfies the same comprehensive EN 81-70, EN 81-20, and A3 standards.
  • Our DT36 model has 36 LED sensors with EN 81-70 standards.
  • Our DT21 model has 22 LED sensors with A3 standards.
  • And our FT02 model has 2 LED strips.

This shows you the quality of our products and the careful work we put into them with more than thirty years of experience. Furthermore, all but 2 of our models are 2000 millimeters in length. The outliers are the DT45 and the FTO2, with the DT45 model being 2500 millimeters in length.


Similarities and Differences of Our Detectors

Although the FTO2 model varies, all of our DT models have up to three LEDs in a row for automatic beam cancellation. Sleep modes, a maximum operating distance of 3500 millimeters. 220 VAC supply voltages, and 12/24V DC supply voltages (only applicable to the DT42-DC model). All of our DT models also have 3 different profiles that are available. Meaning you can customize your door detectors to better fit your needs and requests.

Advanced Lift Door Sensors for Enhanced Elevator Safety by CENTA

Discover CENTA’s advanced lift door sensors, an essential component in modern elevator safety. Our lift door sensors are meticulously engineered to ensure the utmost safety and efficiency for elevator operations. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, these sensors provide precise detection, preventing accidents and ensuring smooth operation. In an era where elevator safety is paramount, CENTA leads the way with our high-quality lift door sensors. These devices are designed to meet international safety standards, making them a top choice for elevator manufacturers and maintenance companies worldwide.

Elevate Safety with CENTA's High-Tech Lift Light Curtains

CENTA’s lift light curtains represent the pinnacle of elevator safety technology. Designed to provide an invisible safety barrier, these curtains ensure the utmost protection for passengers entering and exiting elevators. Utilizing a series of infrared beams, the lift light curtain detects any obstruction, instantly halting the elevator doors from closing. This not only enhances passenger safety but also reduces the risk of accidents, making it an essential feature for modern elevators.

Our lift light curtains are crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. Compatible with a wide range of elevator models, they offer a seamless integration for both new installations and upgrades. With CENTA’s commitment to innovation, these light curtains are not just safety devices; they are an integral part of a sophisticated elevator system, ensuring a safe and smooth experience for all users.

The Technology Behind Our High-Performance Door Sensors

Established in Turkiye in 1992, CENTA Elevator has revolutionized the elevator technologies industry. CENTA focuses on elevator door sensors and electronic overload systems for both local and international markets. Several products have been developed with care, innovation, and quality in mind, and continue to add value to the local and international elevator industry.