What Is Overload System?

Elevator overload systems used in both commercial and residential elevators, incorporate highly sensitive weight sensors designed to detect the load in the elevator car. The reason for these sensors is for safety measures: overload systems detect if the weight limit within the car is exceeded or not, and warn users generally with a loud signal and by preventing the car from moving until the weight within the car has been decreased.

Overload systems or elevator load sensors, in a general sense, refer to mechanisms or devices designed to monitor and manage loads, especially in systems or equipment where exceeding a certain weight limit can pose risks or concerns. These systems are commonly used in various industries and applications for safety, efficiency, and equipment protection. The term “overload” implies a situation where the system or device is subjected to a load beyond its designed capacity. 

CENTA Elevator Overload Systems for Elevating Safety Standards 

CENTA Elevator is a pioneer name in elevator overload systems. Our products are high quality and diverse to fit all our customers’ different needs. Our company has 15 different models for every commercial elevator and residential elevator type. 

In addition to their diverse applications, our overload systems boast cutting-edge technology, and instant responses to ensure the safety of both passengers and the elevator itself. Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and precision-engineered components, CENTA Elevator’s products actively contribute to predictive maintenance as well. At CENTA Elevator, we go beyond meeting industry norms; we set new benchmarks for safety and reliability in every ascent and descent.

CENTA aşırı yük sistemleri

Explore Top-Notch Lift Overload Sensor to Buy

It should be noted that we manufacture all our lift overload sensors for the different needs of our customers, therefore the diversity of products serves an important reason. Additionally, all our products are highly precise and easy to adjust with various mechanical capacities for commercial or residential lifts, and each model has various unique features for our customers to choose from. While detailed technical information about each of our overload sensors can be found on our product pages, some broader information is necessary for the understanding of our customers: 

  • The mechanical capacity of our products ranges from 500 kilograms to 12.000 kilograms for every elevator type.
  • The diversity of our products allows us to offer you products for different voltages, sensors, rope suspension systems, rope sizes, and renovation types.
  • Most of our products are easy to install and operate to not burden our customers with unnecessary installation and maintenance costs.

Explore Usage Areas of Elevator Load Cells

At CENTA, we cater to a wide array of challenges with our comprehensive range of elevator load cells. For instance:

  • Designed for weights of up to 3200 kilograms, the CNT800 series boasts the capability to adjust for four separate loads. Equipped with IP66 waterproof independent working full-bridge sensors and featuring a digital display, it ensures accurate and reliable performance.
  • SILVER also for up to 3200-kilogram weights with the ability to adjust for 4 separate loads with IP66 waterproof independent working full-bridge sensors with a digital display.
  • BLUESTAR for up to 12.000-kilogram weights with all the added benefits of the SILVER and CNT800 models. 
  • You can use the FP Overload System for Elevator Fixpunkt.
  • RTS Rope Tension Sensor for a practical solution to the tension control of the elevator ropes
  • LPS for old elevators.
  • ECOBAR for car frames.
  • REDSTAR for programming for different weight points
  • RS3 Rope Overload Systems for adjusting for different ropes and different thickness points.

Keep in mind that these examples are only a few of the many. At CENTA Elevator, we have an elevator overload system for almost any type of elevator, whether it is commercial or residential.